* Rental - Clay or Playdough Exploration

* Rental - Clay or Playdough Exploration

* Rental - Clay or Playdough Exploration

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We have curated a wonderful collection of cutting & sculpting tools to accompany your choice of clay or our homemade playdough- made with love by CAF staff. Additional mix-in materials including wire and wooden beads for sculptures are also provided so that children may be able to explore and create independently. A clear bin is provided to keep the mix and mess contained.  

There is no right or wrong way to explore our clay/playdough bin - some children delight in the texture and feel of the clay/playdough without actually sculpting a project. Suitable for all ages.

Choose the Baby Basquait option if your child is 6-18 months old, this option offers a simpler setup and includes age-appropriate materials and tools for babies and tots.

Our bins are designed to be shared between siblings and come with enough materials for up to 2 children, for some bins you may choose to add additional materials and a tuff tray. Please indicate the age(s) of your child(ren) in the special instructions for seller box and we will do our best to custom curate the bin to best suit your family. 

HOW IT WORKS: Each bin is rentable for one day only. We will take care of the cleaning, simply put the items back in the bin when you are finished and we will clean and sanitize all reusable items at our studio.

DELIVERY: (Guelph Residents): We offer free contactless doorstep delivery and pickup within Guelph city limits, delivery/pick-up starts at 9:00 am Sunday-Saturday with pick up the following morning. Please ensure the bin is placed on your doorstep by 9:00am for pickup. When ordering choose local delivery.

PICKUP: (Surrounding Area): If you live out of town you may pick up a bin and return it the following day. Pickup and drop off must take place between 9:00am-12:00pm, late returns will result in a penalty fee of $75 and failure to return the bins will result in a charge of $300. When ordering please select Local Pickup from the delivery drop down menu.

HOW TO BOOK A BIN: When ordering please -> choose your bin from the drop down menu-> choose your delivery date -> click "Book Now".  If you see an unavailable message that means that bin has already been booked for that day, or the deadline for ordering has passed (orders must be received before 7:00am on the delivery/pickup day). Please choose a different bin or different date.

Choose local delivery if you live in Guelph or Local Pickup if you live outside of Guelph.

Should you have any questions, contact: orders@thechildrensartfactory.com

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All consumable materials in the bin may vary in colour depending on availability.