Playdough Picnic Kit

Playdough Picnic Kit

Playdough Picnic Kit

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This is a free spirited guide to playing with our ingredients for your little doll (sold separately) and your imagination!

Any doll chef will tell you that no supermarket is as well stocked as a forest, a sand dune, or your own backyard; and everyone knows that dolls love mud - when properly prepared.

There are 2 options available:

1. Apron, masher, and rolling pin

2 Full Kit which includes:

Basket for foraging- don't forget your scissors! Dolls adore cut grass, dandelions and weed salad. dandelions can also colour your playdough, when properly mashed.

Playdough & other ingredients - mix, mash and season until your hearts content!

Apron - adjustable, easy to clean and a must have for all artists and chefs

Masher - our personal favourite method for preparing ingredients