Illness and Safety Measures

Agreement to Safety Measures

To manage the risk of spreading viruses and other illnesses at the Children’s Art Factory we have implemented a thorough cleaning and sanitation program, along with strict hand washing guidelines and all staff will continue to wear masks in our studio.

All individuals entering the Children’s Art Factory are required to abide by the below policies in accordance with the most current public health guidelines and laws.

  • Food may not be consumed in the studio, with the exception of pre-booked parties, where party guests eat food in the Party Room and full day programs including such as camps. Water may only be consumed in our entrance area.
  • All visitors are required to wear socks

Parents/guardians are asked to assist in the prevention of the spread of illness by keeping themselves and/or their child(ren) home from visiting The Children's Art Factory if ANY signs or symptoms of illness are observed. 

Despite our best efforts, there is still a risk that you and your child may be exposed to, or even contract a virus or other illness while on the premises. By booking a visit/Birthday Party/attending a program you are acknowledging that you have been made aware of, and accepted that risk. 

I agree to the following: 
● I have read and understood the above information; 
● I understand and accept the risk of illness associated with placing my child(ren) in a workshop/program and/or visiting the studio;
● I agree to make immediate arrangements to come and pick up my child from the program if required due to illness; 
● I agree to exclude myself and members of my household from programs/studio visits immediately upon observing any of the signs/symptoms of illness.