Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly Subscription Box

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Enjoy all of our favourite activities from the comfort of your own home with our monthly subscription program. Keep little hands engaged through sensory play and art-making. We ship to anywhere in Canada and the US for a one-time shipping/handling fee (calculated at the checkout).

This isn't your average subscription box, the items in the kits are handcrafted, durable, thoughtfully designed, and encourage continued play - not just 1-time making! 

What to Expect 
Each month your child will receive a carefully curated box with everything you need to set up an engaging open-ended activity that keeps on giving. The activities and materials included are inspired by our one of a kind studio in Guelph and the emphasis is placed on process over product, think the Children's Art Factory but in a box and yours to keep!

Suggested Age  
Our activities are geared to children age 2-7 years old. Younger and older children may also enjoy them - you know your child best! 

Subscription Options The price listed is the total amount (not a monthly cost) 

Sibling Upgrade option: Upgrade your box to include a 2nd set of materials for a sibling including a 2nd Creative Toolkit, this will allow your children to share certain materials in the subscription box and play together but also have their own items to build and decorate, plus extra consumable products such as sand, potion ingredients etc. Large items can be shared between siblings such as the funnel stand, cooktop as well as other tools for playing. 

3 month subscription $165: Magic Series: Expect to receive a creative tool kit along with a decorate-your-own fairy house + an adjustable crown & peg people. A potion kit complete with a handmade wet/dry sensory funnel stand and all the ingredients you need to make potions, and a decorate-your-own wizard costume kit along with art materials to use. Sibling Upgrade: $105

6 month subscription $300: Magic Series + Mudpie Series: Expect to receive everything in the 3 month subscription and MORE including a mudpie kitchen kit complete with a handmade wooden cooktop, a playdough picnic kit, and a decorate-your-own doll friend kit complete with a highchair. Sibling Upgrade $165

12 month subscription $585Expect to receive everything in the 6 month subscription and MUCH MORE, including a bonus Birthday box packed with a handcrafted surprise. Sibling Upgrade $315 (Includes a 2nd Birthday Box)

Special Instructions 
When ordering, please indicate the address that the subscription box is to be delivered to (if different than your own) and the name of the child. For custom instructions include a message at the checkout. If you choose the 12 month option please indicate the child’s Birthday. 

Kit contents may vary slightly from the photos. Each kit is hand-packed with a variety of handcrafted and locally sourced materials.

Kits are shipped by the 20th of each month, if you sign up after the 20th you will receive your first delivery the following month.